Wholesale Cakes For Cafes

Tired of delivering the same-old recipes? Whether you manage a cafe or a garden centre, we are here to help you transform your menu with our wholesale cakes for cafes. From classic Belgian chocolate brownies to lemon and white chocolate blondies, we cater for both traditional and more adventurous taste buds.

On top of that, our fresh cake creations are lovingly crafted with high-quality ingredients that are also responsibly sourced. We supply freshly-baked cakes with a smooth-as-buttercream delivery service. Our exceptional customer service makes us a heavenly choice for all cafe owners.

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Cakes For Cafes

With Cakehead, you can serve cakes that you can be proud of. We hand-finish every slice in our Oakham-based bakery to ensure great attention to detail. We’re sure your customers will notice the difference in freshness and quality. Pre-portioned for convenience, every bite is fresh and moreish.

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You will need to create an account to view our range of tantalising traybakes and prices. Once you’ve logged in and chosen your bakes, you can place your order online. Along with great cakes, we’re sure you’ll have an abundance of happy customers and compliments heading your way.

These wholesale cakes for cafes should be consumed within 18 days if wrapped and within 3 days once unwrapped. If you want them to last longer, they are also suitable for freezing for up to 12 months.

We’re committed to delivering all our cakes the next day, unless you’ve scheduled ahead of time. Your cake orders may take 48 hours to arrive, but we will keep you informed if this is the case.

Unfortunately, our wholesale cakes are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. However, we do have gluten and vegan friendly options to suit people with specific dietary requirements.

Wholesale Cakes For Cafes