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If you’re looking to buy brownies in bulk, you’ve come to the right place. Our award-winning line-up of delectable recipes contain only the best quality, sustainably sourced ingredients and have been continually tweaked and improved for over 15 years.

Our quest for the perfect brownie will never end, but we reckon we’re getting pretty close if we do say so ourselves! Each wholesale brownie box contains 18 pre-cut slices of rich, luxurious, chocolate-covered heaven, which we’re confident will knock your customers’ socks off.

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The Secret Ingredient

If you run a café, restaurant, coffee shops or garden centre and would like to add brownies to the menu but just don’t have the facilities to make them yourself, our delicious recipes could be just the ticket. Hand-finished at our new facility in Oakham, Rutland, all of our brownie recipes are brimming with flavour and are carefully checked to maintain the high standards we’re known for.

We have gluten free and vegan brownie wholesale options too, so nobody has to miss out on the great taste of Cakehead. With free next day delivery offered across the board, it’s quick and easy to get up and running with our wholesale bakes. You can freeze them on arrival, too, or keep them chilled for approximately 18 days.

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Our bakes are available across the UK but not yet overseas.

They’re baked at our beautiful facility in Oakham, Rutland, but we aren’t currently able to accommodate collections.

We certainly do – click here for a full rundown.

Wholesale Brownies