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Blondies vs Brownies: Which is Best? Let Your Customers Decide

Blondies vs Brownies: Which is Best? Let Your Customers Decide

In the world of sweet tweets, few debates are as impassioned as the battle between brownies and blondies. Chances are if you run a cafe, coffee shop or garden centre, you can find at least one of these delicious cake bars on your menu…

But how do you decide which is superior? Our selection of delicious wholesale brownies and blondies is perfect for settling this age-old debate. Just pick your favourite brownie and blondie flavours from our gigantic collection of wholesale cakes – and leave the decision in your customer’s hands.

What’s the difference between a brownie and a blondie?

Perhaps the most obvious difference between blondies and brownies is their colour. This is a big giveaway in the names of these bakes! While chocolate brownies come in varying shades of brown, blondies are instead a golden-yellow colour.

This colour difference is largely due to the different ingredients used in these recipes; blondies contain vanilla extract and brown sugar, while brownies are made with chocolate and cocoa. Brownies also typically use white sugar instead of brown sugar.

Last but not least, brownies and blondies are notably different in their texture. Both bakes are chewy, however, blondies usually taste a little softer and lighter than their brownie counterpart.

If you like the sound of both brownies and blondies, you’re in luck! At Cakehead, we sell these two delicious bakes in a variety of mouthwatering flavours.

What flavour brownies can you buy at Cakehead?

Our talented team bakes a range of scrumptious brownies in our bakery in Oakham. Each of our boxes of wholesale brownies contains 15–20 pre-cut slices of rich, luxurious, chocolate-covered heaven. Here are just a few of our favourite flavours:

Caramel and Rolo Brownie

Caramel and Rolo Brownie

For the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, look no further than our caramel and Rolo brownies. This crowd-pleaser of luxurious caramel and Rolo’s sandwiched between chocolate Belgian brownie will have customers wondering if they’ve ever truly had a brownie before today. Did we mention this bake is also generously smothered with a chocolate drizzle and of course, even more Rolo’s?

Espresso Brownie

Espresso Brownie pieces on the table

For customers constantly craving that caffeine hit, our espresso brownie deliciously combines a thick layer of coffee icing with a wonderfully gooey chocolate brownie. This is the perfect treat on the side of any cappuccino or flat white or, for those who don’t like coffee yet, a great taste of what’s to come!

Vegan & Gluten-Free Raspberry & Coconut Brownie

Vegan & Gluten Free Raspberry & Coconut Brownie

Who said vegan and gluten-free meant indulgence-free? So delicious are our raspberry and coconut brownies that customers can barely tell they’re ‘free from!’ If you’re catering for allergens or just want to make your menu accessible to all, these brownies are where it’s at. They also go fantastic with an almond milk or soy latte…

Which flavours do your blondies come in?

It’s not just brownies that we’re great at! Our bakery team are also pretty good at whipping up some mouthwatering blondies in our kitchen, all ready to be packaged up and sent out to our customers to put straight in their display. Our blondies come in a variety of flavours, including:

Lemon & White Chocolate Blondie

Lemon & white chocolate blondie on the table with tea and spoon

Mixing two mouthwatering flavours, it’s impossible not to love our lemon and white chocolate blondies – especially when there’s a generous centre of zesty lemon curd in each slice! For the ultimate blondie experience, add an extra helping of pistachios to serve.

Blackcurrant Blondie

Blackcurrant Blondie pieces are on the table

Our blackcurrant blondie is a real showstopper. We’ve perfected this recipe by combining the finest Belgian white chocolate, a generous swirl of tangy blackcurrant jam and a Belgian white chocolate drizzle. Psst! Customers will also love this treat served up with a scoop of quality ice cream.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie

Raspberry & white chocolate blondie pieces are on the table

With the tartness of raspberry combined with the sweet flavouring of white chocolate, our raspberry and white chocolate blondies are second to none. This is the perfect bake for swaying the vote between blondie vs brownie… in fact, our recipe is so delicious that it might end up being a tie!

Struggling to decide between brownies or blondies? Order our wholesale cake sample box for free today and put the decision in the hands of your customers – and your staff!

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Nancy Mercala

Brand & Sales Manager Nancy has been with Cakehead for three years and is a bubbly member of the team. Starting out studying food marketing management at university, she is now our brand and sales manager. No two days are the same, and she enjoys the wide variety of tasks. Her favourite cake is the caramel crispie.