Care & Display

We totally understand the excitement that comes with the arrival of a Cakehead order but there is a best way of caring for our cakes once they arrive.


You’ll need to open your delivery box, unfold the Woolcool covering and pop your cakes straight in the freezer. Our cakes are frozen for a few reasons; it prolongs their shelf life and it also protects them from damage in transit and it locks in the those irresistible Cakehead flavours after baking, ready to be released when they are served. You’ll also find all the Best Before and Allergen information on each individual box.

Allergen Information

Care & Preparation

Getting your cakes ready to serve couldn’t be simpler. Remove them from the freezer the night before you want to serve them, remove the packaging and place on display. They’ve even been pre-sliced to save you time and make it easy to defrost only what you need and limit waste.

vegan caramel shortbread tray bake 01


Our cakes are happiest kept at room temperature under a cake dome or in a cabinet (they look fantastic in either!). Once defrosted, our sponge style cakes have 2-3 days shelf life and our traybakes have 4 days. If you have any cakes left over after a day on display, we recommend covering them and storing them in a cool, dry place overnight before displaying again the next day.

black forest tray cake 01
victoria sponge tray cake cover

Making the most of your display

Our cakes make any counter or cabinet look irresistible, but here are a few tips that will make them even more difficult for your customers to resist.


Use different serving plates such as wooden boards, slate, cake stands and ceramic plates for visual interest and create different heights and angles.If you are stacking slices use a little parchment paper between them to prevent sticking.


Use lighting to draw attention to your display and make it look extra delicious.


Vary the cakes in your display. Lots of different colours and sizes not only look great but also spoil customers for choice.


Do remember to keep different cakes from touching to prevent any potential allergy contamination. Keep our gluten free products separate from all your other cakes and use seperate utensils to prevent cross contamination.

Get Creative

Use our cakes as a delicious base for new menu items. You can upsell a slice of banana loaf if by toasting it and serving it with a little butter or honey on top with freshly sliced banana.Our chocolate brownies are also incredible when warmed up and served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream while our Victoria sponge makes a classic afternoon tea treat with fresh strawberries and extra cream.

Great cake always has creativity as a key ingredient, so feel free to add a good dollop of yours!