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We’ve been spreading Joy through cakes from our Oakham-based bakery since 2004. Not only do we pride ourselves on producing pretty amazing brownies and bakes, we’re also a little obsessed with outstanding customer service. After all, buying cakes should be just as much of a pleasure as eating it.

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We make cake for a living. What could be better than that? We share that joy with our customers daily, through the brownies and bakes we make.

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Our brownies & bakes are made using the best possible ingredients, they’re also baked, boxed and delivered by the best possible people.

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Perfect cakes are easily ruined by poor service. We work really hard to ensure getting Cakehead brownies & bakes delivered is a buttercream-smooth process, every time.

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Making great cakes is a creative pursuit. We are always looking to add to our offering, doing things differently, better, and more often than not, with extra chocolate.

Quality Ingredients

We use free range eggs in all of our brownies and bakes and every one of them is cracked by hand so that we can be sure of their freshness and suitability for Cakehead bakes. Likewise, our flour is all carefully sourced and we are super-serious about only using sustainable coffee. That means only using suppliers who actively invest in the welfare of growers and insisting on production processes that are as sustainable as possible. All our Chocolate is sourced as sustainably, with the supplier we use investing in the growers both in the Ivory Coast and Ghana.

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Local Community

It has been a testing time for many companies recently, but at Cakehead we’ve stuck to our values of joy, quality, professionalism and creativity to flourish in the face of adversity and help others whilst we do it. The building and opening of our new Cakery in 2020 not only brought work to those who built it, but has created 30 new jobs in Rutland, not an insignificant amount in what is the UK’s smallest county. After all, cake does tend to make just about any situation that little bit better.


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Much like we’ve got real bakers in our kitchen, we’ve got real people behind this website too. So if you’d like to talk to one of them in person about anything to do with Cakehead, please get in touch.

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