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Award-winning cakes: Because your customers deserve the best

Award-winning cakes: Because your customers deserve the best

Here at Cakehead, we have a wide selection of wholesale sweet treats for your customers to enjoy. These cakes are guaranteed to keep your customers coming back to your restaurant or cafe for more! Browse our bestselling selection of award-winning cakes below for inspiration on how to elevate your cake menu.

Praline Brownie

Praline brownie
This decadent brownie is the first bake of our award-winning cakes. This brownie’s praline hazelnut filling is covered with layers of Belgian milk and dark chocolate, additional toasted hazelnuts, and a Belgian chocolate drizzle for an added chocolaty boost.

For the chocolate lovers out there, this one is truly jaw-dropping. Once unwrapped and defrosted, our brownies keep well for 4 days. It goes without saying that once they’re on show, they will sell like hotcakes.

Sticky Ginger Cake

sticky ginger round cake

This Sticky Ginger Cake is soaked in a zesty ginger and lemon mixture. A delectable lemon-flavoured Belgian white chocolate icing is applied on top. This provides a lovely citrus kick that cuts through the rich icing. Sweet, spiced and sticky, it is no wonder this is one of our award-winning cakes.

Vegan & Gluten-Free Pecan & Caramel Brownie

Pecan and caramel brownie

This sweet treat is a Belgian chocolate brownie filled with Belgian chocolate chunks and pools of caramel sauce, oozing that burst of sweetness. It is then finished with toasted pecans, giving it a satisfying crunch. We recommend serving this vegan treat with a scoop of dairy-free ice cream to compliment the richness of the brownie.

Caramel Shortbread

caramel shortbread tray bake

One of our notable award-winning bakes is the Caramel Shortbread, which is the perfect harmony of buttery shortbread, a generous layer of caramel, and opulent Belgian chocolate. With its three distinct layers, this is the greatest Caramel Shortbread for your customers and a beautiful visual addition to your menu. Not only has this won a great taste award but also a Farm shop & Deli show 2024 gold award!

Espresso Brownie

espresso brownie tray bake

Who said brownies are just for dessert? This perfect espresso-filled delicacy is perfect for breakfast giving your customers that coffee rush and chocolatey indulgence as soon as they wake up. This brownie provides the ultimate gooeyness and is already portioned into 15 slices, which takes away the hassle of having to prepare them.

Lemon & Polenta Cake

lemon polenta round cake

We made this delicious gluten-free Lemon and Polenta Round Cake because we believe that no one should be denied cake. We believe that a cake should have a strong flavour, which is why we added plenty of fresh lemons to our polenta cake. This gives off a lovely citrus kick that cuts through the icing. This cake has also been awarded Farm shop & Deli Show Gold Awards, so don’t just take our word for it!

Noisette Cake

chocolate noisette cake

If your customers are craving a nutty chocolate flavour in their brownie, they can savour our Noisette cake. This sweet treat consists of a gooey centre sandwiched between two layers of hazelnut cake. That isn’t all this cake has to offer. It is coated with a choc-cream frosting with a sprinkle of hazelnuts on top.

Sticky Toffee Slump Cake

Caramel Slump cake

The Round Sticky Toffee Slump Cake is filled with dates, toffee sauce, and topped with a decadent Belgian white chocolate and cream cheese frosting adorned with a swirl of toffee. It is the perfect choice for a sweet yet indulgent cake. It’s no wonder this sweet treat has also just been awarded Farm shop & deli show gold awards!

Raspberry & Coconut Loaf Cake

Raspberry & Coconut Loaf Cake

This coconut loaf cake is incredibly moist and flavourful, covered with a rich raspberry and Belgian white chocolate frosting, and finished with a generous sprinkle of freeze-dried raspberries and coconut. It is truly irresistible and is sure to stand out on any dessert display.

Pistachio Cake

pistachio cake

Our pistachio cake is moist and delicious, covered with a rich butter frosting loaded with pistachio flavour. It is then garnished generously with roasted pistachios to give it a crunchy finish. If you can’t get enough of pistachios, this cake is definitely the one for you!

Do these award-winning cakes sound like a treat for your customers? Sign up for a wholesale account or contact us for more information.

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Nancy Mercala

Brand & Sales Manager Nancy has been with Cakehead for three years and is a bubbly member of the team. Starting out studying food marketing management at university, she is now our brand and sales manager. No two days are the same, and she enjoys the wide variety of tasks. Her favourite cake is the caramel crispie.