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Are Brownies Really A Type Of Cake?

Are Brownies Really A Type Of Cake?

Ever wondered what the difference is between brownies and cake? Some say the moist centre with a crisp top layer is the distinguishing difference. But what would the professional bakers say? Let’s find out.

At Cakehead, we know a thing or two about baking brownies. We’ve been having a crack at perfecting our recipes since 2004 – and since then we’ve whisked up quite the repertoire. We’re a fan of the classic recipe, but we’re also not afraid to try our hand with new, exciting ingredients to deliver new taste sensations.

What exactly is the difference between a brownie and a cake?

Not all brownies are created equal. Some are chewy, whereas others are more moist. You might not be able to put your finger on what makes a brownie a brownie, but they are adored for their moreish, chocolate indulgence.

Cakes are soft and fluffy. In comparison brownies have a distinctive crisp top layer with a denser, moist texture. But, there’s more to a brownie than its texture. There is also the shape and baking process to consider.

Brownies generally come in square or rectangular-shaped slices. On the other hand, many classic British cakes are baked in round tins – we’re thinking carrot cake and Victoria sponge.

But what makes a cake a cake rather than a brownie? Is it shape, texture, ingredients? Or, is it all three?

What ingredients make a brownie?

Compared to cake, brownies use little or no raising agent. It’s a key recipe difference. As for the rest of the ingredients, chocolate is usually the hero – whether that’s dark, milk, white or even ruby. Common additional ingredients include nuts, such as hazelnuts and coconut.

So… are brownies healthier than cake?

Let’s face it – most of us aren’t thinking about being healthy when we tuck into a slice of cake or brownie. We want a treat, to satisfy our sugar cravings. There may be healthier options, but this will depend on the ingredients. If it’s loaded with chocolate – the heart of all great brownies – then perhaps healthy wouldn’t quite be the right word. However, just like cake, they are a sweet, indulgent treat to be enjoyed as a dessert, snack or when you’re on the go.

Love brownies?

Now that we’ve got you thinking about brownies, why not satisfy your cravings by ordering a box or two? At Cakehead, we have plenty of recipes to share with you. From the classic double-chocolate brownie to our exquisite raspberry and coconut slice featured in our Happy Box. We also have vegan and gluten-free options for those with more considered dietary requirements.

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