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Are Brownies Really A Type Of Cake?

Are Brownies Really A Type Of Cake?

Ever wondered what the difference is between brownies and cake? Some say the moist centre with a crisp top layer is the distinguishing difference. But what would the professional bakers say? Let’s find out.

At Cakehead, we know a thing or two about baking brownies. We’ve been having a crack at perfecting our recipes since 2004 – and since then we’ve whisked up quite the repertoire. We’re a fan of the classic recipe, but we’re also not afraid to try our hand with new, exciting ingredients to deliver new taste sensations.

What exactly is the difference between a brownie and a cake?

Not all brownies are created equal. Some are chewy, whereas others are more moist. You might not be able to put your finger on what makes a brownie a brownie, but they are adored for their moreish, chocolate indulgence.

Cakes are soft and fluffy. In comparison brownies have a distinctive crisp top layer with a denser, moist texture. But, there’s more to a brownie than its texture. There is also the shape and baking process to consider.

Brownies generally come in square or rectangular-shaped slices. On the other hand, many classic British cakes are baked in round tins – we’re thinking carrot cake and Victoria sponge.

But what makes a cake a cake rather than a brownie? Is it shape, texture, ingredients? Or, is it all three?

What ingredients make a brownie?

Compared to cake, brownies use little or no raising agent. It’s a key recipe difference. As for the rest of the ingredients, chocolate is usually the hero – whether that’s dark, milk, white or even ruby. Common additional ingredients include nuts, such as hazelnuts and coconut.

So… are brownies healthier than cake?

Let’s face it – most of us aren’t thinking about being healthy when we tuck into a slice of cake or brownie. We want a treat, to satisfy our sugar cravings. There may be healthier options, but this will depend on the ingredients. If it’s loaded with chocolate – the heart of all great brownies – then perhaps healthy wouldn’t quite be the right word. However, just like cake, they are a sweet, indulgent treat to be enjoyed as a dessert, snack or when you’re on the go.

Love brownies?

Now that we’ve got you thinking about brownies, why not satisfy your cravings by ordering a box or two? At Cakehead, we have plenty of recipes to share with you. From the classic double-chocolate brownie to our exquisite raspberry and coconut slice featured in our Happy Box. We also have vegan and gluten-free options for those with more considered dietary requirements.

Order yours online today. We make ordering easy – simply select your 18-portion brownie box and we can get your brownies delivered the very next day.

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Nancy Mercala

Brand & Sales Manager Nancy has been with Cakehead for three years and is a bubbly member of the team. Starting out studying food marketing management at university, she is now our brand and sales manager. No two days are the same, and she enjoys the wide variety of tasks. Her favourite cake is the caramel crispie.