Delicious Traybakes, Delivered.

Who wants a delicious Traybake Selection delivered to their door? We’re going to guess pretty much everyone! If you’re dreaming of a delicious tray bake or two, why not take a look at our handcrafted selection boxes? Featuring our award-winners and showstoppers, we have creations to suit a range of tastes and dietary requirements.

The Secret Ingredient

If you’re a brownie traditionalist, we can send a generous pre-sliced box of pure, gooey indulgence. You’ll find every one of the 18 slices in a box crafted with only the finest ingredients and that means thick chunks of premium, Belgian chocolate and responsibly sourced eggs, flour and sugar.

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Can't decide?

Alternatively, if a variety of flavours take your fancy (we understand sometimes it’s hard toc hoose!), we’ve designed some super tempting variety boxes. Each one has a selection of three of our customer-favourite traybakes with flavours that perfectly complement each other. When your box arrives, simply pop the kettle onand tuck into pure traybake indulgence. Whether you choose to share or enjoy all to yourself, that’s up to you.

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Delicious Traybakes, Delivered