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Vegan & Gluten-free Brownies: How Do They Compare?

Vegan & Gluten-free Brownies: How Do They Compare?

We’re looking at how vegan and gluten-free brownies compare to the traditional versions, and why you should give them a try – even if you’re not following dietary restrictions!

You’d be forgiven for scoffing at the idea of a vegan alternative to the classic chocolate and cake combination. Our professional bakers have perfected the recipes to ensure a perfect harmony between texture and taste. Let’s face it, most people turn to a chocolate brownie because they love the gooey cake mixture, the chunks of chocolate and the slight crispy texture on the outer edge.

But, there are plenty more ingredients in the sea that can achieve an equally delicious result. Our bakers enjoyed experimenting until they found what they believe to be the perfect combination. That means there’s no compromise on the taste or texture. In fact, these brownies are standalone showstoppers that are sure to win over your taste buds or a crowd at a birthday party


How are they different?

The only difference really is the ingredients that are used. Examples include:

  • Coconut yoghurt
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut oil
  • Vegetable margarine
  • Vegan chocolate, made with cocoa butter and cashew nuts
  • We also use pectin as a gelling agent


Still sceptical about making the switch?

Why not see some of our customer reviews…

“Absolutely delicious’ was the verdict of my vegan niece and the non-vegans who sampled the brownies. Well packaged, fast delivery and look amazing. Will definitely order more and recommend. YUMMY.” – Sandra Barnby

“I’m gluten and dairy intolerant and this box of heaven is the nicest thing I’ve had in forever! Beautifully packaged, they look exactly like the pictures and the taste is simply phenomenal. Well worth every single penny which as someone who was initially talking herself out of spending a lump on something special for just myself after being let down by sooo many gluten free vegan desserts is a big statement but I would buy them again in a heartbeat! Go for it you will not be disappointed xxx thanks cakehead for this beautiful creation!” – jlfarminer


Have we tempted you yet?

The ultimate way to determine whether a brownie lives up to the hype is to try it. Go on – treat yourself! So good, you won’t know they’re vegan or gluten-free. Order online today and receive free next-day delivery. We cater to major cities such as LondonManchesterLeeds, and many others, extending our reach to towns across the UK. Trust us to bring your package to your doorstep, making every delivery seamless and delightful.

At Cakehead, we also sell wholesale cakes and sweet treats — including gluten-free brownies and cakes!

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Nancy Mercala

Brand & Sales Manager Nancy has been with Cakehead for three years and is a bubbly member of the team. Starting out studying food marketing management at university, she is now our brand and sales manager. No two days are the same, and she enjoys the wide variety of tasks. Her favourite cake is the caramel crispie.