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Unique Cake Flavours You Won’t Be Able to Resist

Unique Cake Flavours You Won’t Be Able to Resist

There’s nothing wrong with a classic cake. Who doesn’t like a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate brownie or decadent slice of caramel shortbread? But…sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit. At Cakehead, we serve up the best of both, perfecting the classic recipes while whisking-up unique flavours that your tastebuds can get excited about. In this blog, we’re showcasing some of our original creations to help you try something new while satisfying your sweet-tooth cravings.

Each of these are featured in one of our superb cake delivery boxes – which one are you tempted to try?

Raspberry & Coconut Brownie

Raspberry & Coconut Brownie

Sweet, juicy raspberry mixed with the delightfully creamy taste of coconut – it’s different, but delightful. Each slice is crafted with a hidden pocket of organic desiccated coconut and topped with freeze-dried raspberries for a sweet finish. And, did we forget to mention the brownie is packed with Belgian chocolate chunks? You’ll find this one in our Vegan & GF Brownie Variety Box.

Blackcurrant Blondie

Hug Box

Those who like the creamy flavours of vanilla and white chocolate probably already know about the classic blondie. We’ve put a twist on this classic recipe to include zingy freeze-dried blackcurrant pieces and swirls of blackcurrant jam. It’s delicious!

S’mores Brookie

S’mores Brookie

For the indecisive! We’ve packed together the delights of the S’more biscuit with a gooey brownie mix all in one traybake – as featured in our new Hug Box.

Fancy tucking into a new cake flavour? Love every bite and shake up your coffee-breaks with our cake box delivery service. You won’t regret it! Psst – our cake boxes also make great gifts and pick-me-ups for friends and family. Each box comes with free delivery and a personalised message of your choice. Shop online at Cakehead today.

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Nancy Mercala

Brand & Sales Manager Nancy has been with Cakehead for three years and is a bubbly member of the team. Starting out studying food marketing management at university, she is now our brand and sales manager. No two days are the same, and she enjoys the wide variety of tasks. Her favourite cake is the caramel crispie.